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I'm Hardeep Kumar, a 22 years old Web Developer. Nice to meet you.

My stacks looks as follow:

  • I develop Full-Stack using Django.
  • I develop APIs with Django REST Framework and FastAPI.
  • I develop frontend using Vue and Nuxt JS. Both version 2 and 3.
  • I also develop Full stack with Django REST Framework and Vue, Nuxt. And also with FastAPI and Vue, Nuxt.

As you can see, I deal primarily with Python and JavaScript. But wait, I know TypeScript as well and prefer to use it over JavaScript when possible.

Im also skilled at using Git, GitHub, CI/CD and writing tests using Django's inbuilt Testing Framework . Aside fron this, I'm very familiar with PaaS' Railway, Heroku and Vercel. And ofcourse I've my fair share with AWS as well.

Oh did i mention I use Garuda Linux (Arch)?


  • Gaming, I play Genshin Impact (no, I'm not that type of person), Honkai Impact and Arknights on and off.
  • I like to listen to wide variety of Music from genres like Chillstep, Melodic Dubstep, Orchestral and Epic.
  • I also like to browse through various Technology related Arcticles.

I'm not a type of person to indulge much in Conversations but I welcome them.

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